Jacob Biamonte

Research Group Leader
ISI Foundation
Via Alassio 11/c
10126 Torino, Italy
(+39) 011 6603090 ext. 202


Note added Jan 2014.  This profile page is no longer updated.  My new homepage is here: Jacob Biamonte

I lead the Quantum Physics Research Division at the ISI Foundation here in Torino.  I actively contribute technical blog articles to the  Azimuth Project, which is devoted to prices fo cialis using methods from Mathematics and viagra on internet prescription online particularly, techniques developed in quantum theory, to address environmental challenges. I am working on two research books on cialis soft tab india mathematical physics which can be found online: Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics and Tensor Networks in Quantum Theory. My current work focuses on developing new mathematical tools to model systems and towards a unified theory of networks.

News and Events

Research Interests

  • Mathematical physics, network theory, tensor network states, chemical reaction networks
  • Computational and Hamiltonian complexity theory, circuit theory and connections to condensed matter physics
  • Quantum algorithms to simulate many-body physics and generic brands viagra online ab initio chemistry on a quantum computer
  • I'm a member of the Azimuth Project.

My Courses

  • Lectures on Tensor Network States, QIC 890/891 Advanced Topics in Quantum Information, The University of Waterloo (Institute for Quantum Computation, IQC and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, PI), Waterloo Ontario, Canada, (2011).
  • Credits for both courses: youtube lectures filmed and edited by Peter J. Kovacs and Craig Hennessey, trailer and interview orchestrated by Colin Hunter.


Editorial Boards


  • Guest lecturer, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), University of Waterloo
  • Lecturer in Physics, St Peter's College, University of Oxford
  • EPSRC Funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Oxford
  • Research Assistant, University of Oxford
  • Research Fellow, Harvard University
  • Research Physicist/Consultant, D-Wave Systems, Inc. The Quantum Computing Company
  • Doctorate from the order real viagra University of Oxford

Current Projects

A few talks

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  • Lectures on Penrose graphical notation for tensor network states
    with Ville Bergholm
    approx. 112 pages, (2012) [draft version]

Five representative publications

  • Categorical Tensor Network States
    with Stephen R.Clark and Dieter Jaksch
    AIP Advances 1(4), 042172 (2011).
  • Racing a quantum computer through Minkowski spacetime
    J. Phys. Conf. Ser. Vol. 1. No. 229. Pages 012020. 2010.
  • Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer
    with B. P. Lanyon et al.,
    Nature Chem. No. 2. Pages 106–111. 2010.
  • Realizable Hamiltonians for universal adiabatic quantum computers
    with Peter J. Love
    Physical Review A 78‚ 012352. 2008.
  • Non−perturbative k−body to two−body commuting conversion Hamiltonians and generic cialis soft gel embedding problem instances into Ising spins
    Physical Review A 77‚ 052331. 2008.

Five recent publications

  • Degree Distribution in Quantum Walks on coupon viagra Complex Networks
    with Mauro Faccin, Tomi Johnson, Sabre Kais and Piotr Migdał
    Physical Review X (2013)
  • Solving search problems by strongly simulating quantum circuits
    with T. H. Johnson, S. R. Clark and D. Jaksch
    Sci. Rep. 3:1235 (2013)
  • Quantum Transport Enhancement by Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking
    with Zoltan Zimboras, Mauro Faccin, Zoltan Kadar, James Whitfield and Ben Lanyon
    Sci. Rep 3:2631 (2013)
  • Undecidability in Tensor Network States
    with Jason Morton
    PRA Rapid Communications 86, 030301(R) (2012)
  • Algebraically contractible topological tensor network states
    S. J. Denny, J. D. Biamonte, D. Jaksch and S. R. Clark
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 015309, (2012).